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Joined the Community:1045


It’s a well established fact that creating an open corporate culture boosts performance and makes organizations more successful, while employees feel more safe, appreciated and happy. 

Data collected by the Hungarian Central Statistical Office showed over 60,000 private sector jobs in Hungary are unfilled, resulting in tremendous competition for new talent and to retain existing employees. As per research conducted by WeAreOpen and Gemius in 2014, 83% of future employees, being people above the age of 18 and still studying, would choose a workplace where there is no negative discrimination. 

By contrast, more than half of Hungarian employees have already encountered negative discrimination at the workplace. Roma and LGBTQ+ people are the two most rejected minority groups among Hungarian employees. When it comes to gender equality, over the last two years, 60% of the Hungarians find that the situation has improved somewhat, but employees expect more.

International research proves that companies that are diverse and inclusive and have an open corporate culture perform better financially and have happier employees. They can hire and retain people better, understand their market better, and are more innovative.

Being open is not just the right thing to do – it makes business sense.

WeAreOpen offers various services that help organizations in their efforts to be more diverse and inclusive. Our services offer leaders as well as employees content and insights as well as opportunities to get inspired by other, like-minded leaders and experts from the OPEN Community and beyond.

Supporting Circle

We launched the Supporting Circle for organizations that want to contribute to WeAreOpen’s mission of promoting openness as a value for businesses, while providing tools and insights to improve their own workplace culture. The members of the Supporting Circle are typically those who would like to take a step further and strive to be part of the real-life community of openness-promoting organizations. Members of the Supporting Circle get exclusive seats at OPEN Backstage events and enjoy other opportunities created by WeAreOpen.

Supporting Circle members are the WeAreOpen annual sponsors and those large and small businesses that opted for the Supporting Circle status.

Why Join the Circle?

Share ideas and work together with like minded organizations to improve openness 


Contribute towards helping fulfill WeAreOpen’s mission


Get access to OPEN Backstage events


Get content in the form of events and presentations that cover a range of diversity topics


Other benefits include organization logo on the WeAreOpen website and discounted tickets for OPEN Conference

Two Steps For Companies Program

Are you ready to take the next step for a big leap in bringing positive change at your organization? Over the last two years, 60% of Hungarian employees experienced change at their workplace directed at ensuring equal opportunities for both men and women but they expect more to come. 

Leaning on our national representative research, and to help companies improve their internal gender equality,  in 2018 we launched the Two Steps for Companies Program. To improve gender balance at the workplace, the first step, we believe, is to know where you are right now. With the help of our partner, Gemius, we can measure your company, benchmark it against the national average, and, using this data, help you with action items as well. We have also created a data-driven Certificate program to recognize your company’s achievements. And when you’re ready, we’ll remeasure your company to study the progress made!

Our vision is an ecosystem in which all employers annually measure where they are in their gender equality journey, according to their employees, and make decisions based on data. The program is called Two Steps, because we at WeAreOpen and the majority of people in Hungary believe that men and women have to work together to ensure equal opportunities for women at the workplace.

Why take the Two Steps for Companies Program?

Measure your performance against that of the national average


Receive a special certificate – Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Diamond that represents how gender-balanced your organization is


Get actionable insights to create a more gender equal workspace.


Implement positive change within the organization.


Make your organization more attractive to current and potential employees by increasing brand love 

OPEN Conference

Beyond just another conference – beyond borders! OPEN is the international diversity conference for business leaders in the heart of Central Europe. OPEN Conference’s ultimate goal is to create a future forward community of open-minded business leaders and experts, who are determined to act on diversity and bring positive change in corporate culture. At the conference we provide inspiration, data, and insights, as well as the network that can help make positive change happen. Each year, over 200 people attended OPEN Conference from more than 10 countries around the world!

In 2019 for the first time ever, we announce the winners of the OPEN Spotlight Award at OPEN Conference. The OPEN Spotlight Award was launched for organizations that have gone through an inspiring journey in which they worked for diversity and inclusion. 

OPEN Conference was started by WeAreOpen to address the latest challenges of building a more inclusive work environment. Designed for CEOs, HR, marketing and communications decision makers, the 2 day event aims to showcase the best practices and solutions by top business leaders and thought influencers.

Some of the largest and most well renowned organizations have attended OPEN Conference. Their representatives have come in the capacity of attendees, panelists and keynote speakers, including but not limited to Jonathan McBride (BlackRock), Nidhi Singh (Microsoft); Laszlo Bock (Google) and Claire Harvey (Diversity Role Models).

Why attend OPEN Conference?

Meet CEOs, CMOs, CFOs, HR heads and diversity champions from around the world


Find out more about topics such as LGBTQ inclusion, gender balance, inclusion of people with disabilities and ethnic minorities at the workplace


Participate in workshops and find the best solution for your organization to trigger real action


Learn more about the business case for diversity and inclusion for your organization


In 2018, we pioneered the Children’s Corner – a designated zone for children with qualified caretakers – so working parents could attend the conference

OPEN Talks

We offer presentations and workshops on a wide range of diversity and inclusion topics. We happily offer the expertise of the WeAreOpen team, and can provide you access to a pool of speakers who may have only limited availability otherwise. Explore our variety of options with top speakers and thought influencers.


Diversity branding

Integrate diversity into your organization’s employer brand communication and build diverse high performing teams


Diversity recruitment

Effective diversity hiring strategies, building an inclusive recruitment process and ways to hire a more diverse workforce


Future of work

Inclusive organisational culture is key for future success for all companies. How do you create it?

WeAreOpen Speakers

Melinda Miklós

CEO – WeAreOpen

Melinda is the CEO of WeAreOpen, and was on the organization’s founding team, back when she was the press officer for Google in Hungary.

Melinda holds masters degrees in economics, communications, and psychology. She is also a fellow of Aspen Institute’s Young Leaders Program. 

Fluent in Hungarian and English, Melinda has given multiple presentations at international company events and international conferences. She has a multidisciplinary knowledge and approach when it comes to  diversity and inclusion, and is committed to seeing a more open world.

Csaba Faix

Partnership Lead – WeAreOpen

Csaba is a communication professional with almost 20 years of experience in consultancy, PR and journalism. Currently, he is running his communication agency, Prompt Media, which provides consultancy, media & presentation training, employer branding campaigns and film production. In addition, he is working with NGOs and not-for-profits in Hungary, including WeAreOpen as their Partnership Lead. Previously, he oversaw Prezi’s International communications as their PR lead in Europe and Australia for 4 years. Before joining Prezi, he worked as a senior political correspondent for 8 years for TV2, one of Hungary’s most watched TV networks.

External Speakers

Judit Radnai-Tóth

Employer Branding Strategist

Employer branding and employee experience consultant with a deep understanding of corporate and startup environments. Judit understands how to drive growth through a well-defined people and employer branding strategy. As a consultant, she helps growth organizations lower recruiting efforts, attract, retain and motivate top talent by building a sustainable employer branding strategy and designing employee experience. In her volunteer time, she advocates for diversity and women in tech.