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“WeAreOpen launched the Supporting Circle for organizations that want to contribute to WeAreOpen’s mission to raise awareness that openness is a value for organizations and help businesses and employees experience, learn and show it’s benefits, while actively shaping openness in their own organization with the opportunities that the Circle offers. The members of the Supporting Circle are typically those who would like to take a step further and strive to be part of the real-life community of openness-promoting organizations. Hence as the members of the Circle they gather regularly, and leverage on the presentations and tools that WeAreOpen offers to the Circle members to build a more open workplace. 

Supporting circle members are the WeAreOpen annual sponsors and those large and small businesses that opted for the Supporting Circle status. 


I would like to find out how my organization can Join the Circle (links to the lower section, where all details are)”

The latest members of the Circle

For Large & Multi-National Organizations

HUF 330.000 + 27% VAT
for 12 months

Basic Package

HUF 100.000 + 27% VAT
for 12 months

Why Join the Circle

"Be part of circle of organizations that share ideas and work together to improve openness within their own organizations as well as inspire other organizations Get access to OPEN Backstage events where member companies’ leaders as well as employees get together to learn, share ideas and network with the openness-championing business community Get content in the form of events and presentations that cover a range of diversity topics including gender equality, LGBTQ inclusion, Roma and people with disabilities inclusion in the workplace Provide your employees with various engagement options, allowing them to choose a cause they are passionate about Position yourself amongst your peers as an organization that is actively playing a role in shaping diversity and inclusion in Hungary"

The Benefits

"For a 12 months period, invitation for up to 8 Regular OPEN Backstage events for up to 2 employees For a 12 months period, invitation for 1 Executive OPEN Backstage event for up to 2 executives Discounted ‘Regular 2 Days Ticket’ for a maximum of 6 tickets for the annual OPEN Conference: For large orgs 35% discount; For SMEs 50% discount A Supporting Circle Badge for inclusion in the organization’s website, social media and communication platforms Logo on WeAreOpen Website, under the special call out for Circle of Supporters Special mention in the appropriate edition of the WAO Monthly newsletter that goes out to the 1000+ organizations that are a part of the WeAreOpen community, celebrating the organization as a member of the Circle WeAreOpen will post on our social media celebrating the organization as a member of the Circle "

Two Steps for Companies

Over the last two years, 60% of the Hungarian employees experienced some change at their workplace directed at ensuring equal opportunities for women and men. But we are still a long way off from where we want, where we need to be. And employees, as well, expect continuous improvement.

Building on our national representative research, and to help companies improve their internal gender equality, we launched the Two Steps for Companies Program. To be more gender equal, the first step, we believe, is to know where you are right now. With the help of our amazing partner, Gemius, we can measure your company, benchmark it against the national average, and, using this data, help you with action items as well. And when you’re ready, we’ll remeasure your company to study the progress made!

Measure your organization! (links to lower section)

Some organizations that have taken Two Steps towards gender equality

The fee for the Two Steps for Companies Report

Full Package

Euro 3000 + 27% VAT.

Basic Package

Euro 2000 + 27% VAT.

Why take the Two Steps for Companies Program

"Over the last two years, 60% of the Hungarian employees experienced some change at their workplace directed at ensuring equal opportunities for women and men. Employees expect continuous improvement. Equal proportions of female and male employees - 63% - believe that women and men have to work together to ensure that women have equal opportunities in the workplace. Although, women and men have a different experience about what needs to be improved next. So WeAreOpen decided to launch Two Steps for Companies, a long term program, to show how everyone can benefit from a more gender equal environment, inspire women and men to work together to ensure women get equal opportunity at the workplaces, and to equip companies with the data and tools that show them where they are right now and what are the necessary next steps to improve gender equality internally. Our vision is an ecosystem, where all the employers measure on an annual basis where they are on their journey according to their employees when it comes to gender equality, and make decisions based on data. WeAreOpen designed the Two Steps For Companies tool together with Gemius that helps make this happen, and even provides benchmarking opportunity, currently to the national average, and on the longer term, to industrial averages as well. The program is called Two Steps, because we at WeAreOpen and the majority of people in Hungary believe that women and men have to work together to ensure equal opportunities for women at the workplace, and if we do it together, we reach further."

The Benefits

"Two Steps For Companies provides organizations with a data-driven approach to measure whether their employees feel they work in an environment where all women and men are given equal opportunity to excel and are assessed on the basis of their performance. Organizations that participate in the Two Steps for Companies Program can measure their own performance against that of the national average, made available through the WeAreOpen Research Based on the results, WeAreOpen and Gemius will provide actionable insights for the organization to implement, working towards a more gender equal workspace. Hear your employees’ and what makes them happy - implement positive change within the organization"

OPEN Conference

The diversity conference for business leaders.
OPEN is the international diversity conference for CEOs and HR, diversity, marketing and communications decision makers, as well as representatives of interest groups. It is the annual forum for current and future diversity champions to meet, learn and share.

OPEN represents a unique approach in Central and Eastern Europe – and presumably beyond. Designed for business leaders, it deals with diversity as a whole, investigating a wide variety of topics such as LGBTQ people, women and ethnic minorities in the workplace.

OPEN aims to inspire positive change already in the short term.

The international diversity conference for business leaders in the heart of Central Europe.
OPEN Conference is the absolute must-attend event for all diversity champions to inspire positive change. It is a very well-established fact that diversity in the workplace is good for business growth since it boosts performance, and contributes to talent attraction. Keeping in mind the business case for openness, OPEN Conference was founded by WeAreOpen to address the latest challenges of building a more inclusive work environment. Designed for CEOs, HR, marketing and communications decision makers the 2 day event aims to showcase the best practices and diversity solutions by top business leaders and thought influencers.
As speakers, leaders from some of the world’s most impactful organizations, the greatest minds behind successful businesses with cutting-edge solutions and inspiring thought leaders will be your guides for 2 days to improve diversity, increase happiness – generally do the right thing. Keynote speakers from the past years include well-respected high profile industry figures such as Jonathan McBride, Global Head of Inclusion and Diversity BlackRock former assistant to the President in Obama’s White House and Laszlo Bock, Google SVP and Global Head of People Operations between 2006-2016.
Why Attend OPEN Conference?
To be part of this unique happening that features the diversity champions from all over the globe. Meet CEOs, CMOs, CFOs, HR heads and other business leaders from around Europe as they share fresh ideas and key solutions of improving openness and inclusion. Find out more about a variety of important topics such as LGBTQ inclusion, gender balance, people with disabilities and ethnic minorities at the workplace.
OPEN Conference offers you great options beyond motivational and educational talks, since we also organize different corporate workshops to cooperate and find the best solutions your organization is looking for. You can participate in different workshops to drive impactful conversations and trigger real action. By attending OPEN you can build your international network of diversity advocates, where you can meet, learn and share ideas.

Workshops & Presentation

WeAreOpen offers presentations and workshops about a wide range of D&I content. We happily offer the expertise of the WeAreOpen team, and can provide you access to a pool of international speakers who may have only limited availability otherwise. Explore our variety of options with top speakers and thought influencers.

WeAreOpen Speakers

Other Speakers

David Pearson

Director, Global Inclusion & Diversity


Helga Sasdi

Managing Director

Saatchi & Saatchi

Ivan Vondra


Erste Bank, Hungary

Melanie Seymour

Head of BlackRock, Hungary