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weareopen-badge-2018In the last years, an increasing number of workplaces have worked tirelessly to ensure equal opportunities for their male and female employees. Some have focused on improving the situation of women with young children; others made sure that women are not passed over simply because of possible prejudice when due for merit-based promotion.

Progress has been made on a number of fronts, and it has also become clear that these issues are important not only to women, but to men as well. Women and men alike want to see what impact and what benefits these efforts will mean for them. This is why WeAreOpen’s nationwide survey will ask women and men about their expectations for their workplaces: to what extent are they able to harmonise their professional lives with their personal and family lives? Do they believe they are being treated according to their merits in their workplaces? And what additional steps do they wish to see?

In addition to the survey on the website, a questionnaire “to go” is also available to help employers assess what their male and female employees think. The aim of the representative research carried out among Hungarian internet users and the survey on the website, as well as the research conducted in individual companies is to offer data which business decision makers can use to implement specific and effective changes.

The survey is anonymous. WeAreOpen is making the questionnaire available free of charge to the small and medium-sized enterprise sector. Larger corporations are encouraged to reach out and may commission a more detailed questionnaire. Both of them can register by clicking the button below.

Results of the nationwide survey will be published at the end of the summer; the research company Gemius will share firms’ own results with them by late summer as well. Companies looking to assess themselves are invited to get in touch through the end of July.

The survey was supported by Gemius. Thank you!

Questionnaire for individuals

Questionnaire for companies

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