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Ever since WeAreOpen was established, we handled the many areas of diversity and inclusion as a whole. We create campaigns with a coalition of businesses to promote diversity and inclusion for millions. With over 1000 organizations in the OPEN Community, we have organized more than 30 public campaigns covering a range of subjects related to diversity and openness. We believe that visible gestures make a difference and together we can create tremendous positive impact – and inspire others to follow our path and do the same. 

We’re grateful to the OPEN Community, and invite others to join us in our current and future campaigns!

For Gender Equality at workplaces

In Hungary roughly half of the employees would not choose to have a female boss or subordinate, according to a study carried out by Gemius and WeAreOpen in summer 2014. Research also shows that diverse communities with greater gender balance are more successful. It makes business sense for companies and is good for employees too.

We believe there is a need for immediate action. With our campaigns, we raise awareness of the benefits of gender equality at the workplace: how it can boost the performance of businesses, and what its positive impact is.

WeAreOpen X Gemius Hungary Research

Two national representative research brought light to important dynamics behind gender imbalance at the workplace.

In partnership with Gemius, we have conducted two national representative research between 2014 and 2018 to understand the gender balance at the workplace as seen by employees as well as companies, along with other research around openness and equal opportunities at workplaces.  

July 2014
Openness of Hungarian Workplaces

December 2014
Gender Equality at Workplaces

March 2016
Equal Opportunities at Workplaces for Women & Men

December 2018
Gender Equality at Workplaces

The data showed us that in the past two years 60% of people experienced some sort of change that aimed for creating equal opportunities for both men and women at the workplace. The results show that there is a genuine need for improving equal opportunities and gender balance for all employees. As a result, we decided to launch a long-term program for gender equality – Two Steps.

The Two Steps Campaign seeks to increase awareness about gender inequality at workplaces, while the Two Steps For Companies Program helps companies identify and address this inequality. The following link shows the results from our national representative survey, and lets you find out more about the Two Steps For Companies Program.

WeAreOpen collaborated with Gemius in making the studies – thank you!


Equal proportions of female & male employees – 63% – believe women & men have to work together to ensure women have equal opportunities at the workplace 


In companies that are working to achieve greater gender equality, 71% of staff approve of these changes


Equal proportions of female and male employees are concerned about work life balance


Over 60% of both women and men agree that it is also beneficial to men if women have access to equal opportunities at work

Two Steps Campaign

7 influencers joined forces and shared their stories starting a dialogue in social media and reaching 110K+ views in only 7 days.

In 2018, we launched the Two Steps Campaign because we believe, along with 63% of both female and male employees, that women and men have to work together to ensure that women have access to equal opportunities at the workplace. That’s also why the campaign is called Two Steps – if men and women take that next step towards gender equality by working together, we get twice as far!  

As part of our first campaign under the Two Steps program, various Hungarian artists, comedians, actors, women and men, switched shoes for a little while to try to imagine themselves in the place of the other, and shared their experiences and thoughts with each other. The first step towards change is to spark meaningful conversations: men and women should act together to ensure equal opportunities for all.

Laszlo Pal, Journalist & Melinda Miklos, CEO WeAreOpen

Zsofi Kemeny, Post, Slammer, Writer & Mark Suveg Saiid, Slammer, Writer #ItIsSensitive

Eszter Rasko, Comedian, Psychologist & Adam Kiss, Comedian #AllThisGenderStuff

Viszkok Fruzsi, YouTuber & Makranczi Zalan, Actor

Women's Day Campaign

10 influencers and business leaders spoke up for change generating 200k views in only a few days.

It’s a long-standing tradition in Hungary for men to get flowers for women on International Women’s Day. In 2015, at the workplace, instead of giving flowers, we sought to inspire positive change. What does a working girl want instead of flowers? 

Giving flowers is certainly a nice and considerate gesture to celebrate Women’s Day  but we believe that at the workplace, this thoughtful gesture should be altered or complemented with meaningful actions to trigger positive change in creating equal opportunities for both men and women. 

So we asked the Open Community, what they want#insteadoflowers #besidesflowers? 

The campaign was supported by:

Alexandre Froment-Curtil
CEO, Vodafone Hungary

Szentkuti Gabriella
CEO, Microsoft Hungary 

Arvai Peter
Prezi, CEO and co-founder; Chairman WeAreOpen Board of Directors

Mate Krisztina
Journalist, TV Host

Commitments to Gender Equality at the Workplace

150+ public commitments from companies for positive change over the course of two years.

Despite the fact that, when it comes to it, roughly half of people would not choose a female subordinate or boss, a national representative study by WeAreOpen x Gemius has shown that 77% of women and 69% of men believe that it is, or would be, important for the success of their company or organization for both genders to be equally represented at all levels of responsibility. Research also shows that diverse communities with greater balance between the numbers of women and men are more successful. It makes sense for companies and is good for employees too.

The findings of the research showed that there is need for action. To create change, WeAreOpen invited all who believe in openness to take a good look at their own company or organization to find if there is room for improvement. With the aim to ensure women and men have equal opportunities at the workplace on a daily basis, we asked organizations to make a public commitment on to act. By standing up in large numbers for openness and diversity, including equal opportunities for women and men, and taking action we hope to inspire others too.

We ran the campaign for two years – in 2015 and 2016. We created a list of 10+1 changes that organizations could implement to provide equal opportunities for women and men.  Over 150 commitments were made by various organizations such as Google, Aon, BP, GE and many others.

Two Year Campaign
Organizations such as Google, Aon, BP, GE, Prezi, IBM, Morgan Stanley, Auchan, eSpell participated
Commitments made to improve gender equality within organizations
Changes like reducing pay gap, increasing proportion of women in senior management, part-time work 

For LGBTQ Inclusion

LGBTQ people are the 2nd most rejected community at the workplace in Hungary (WeAreOpen x Gemius 2014 Research). More than two-thirds of employees said they would not accept an LGBTQ person as their manager and more than half of employees would not want to be the manager of an LGBTQ person. 

WeAreOpen believes employees should be judged solely on the basis of their acts and achievements, regardless of their gender identity, or of who they love. It is not only the right thing to do but building an open environment, where everyone can be themselves is proved to contribute to a more successful organization and makes people feel happier and safer at the workplace.

While more organizations are realizing this, and more individuals are being open minded, there’s still a long way to go!

Companies to Pride

Before WeAreOpen arrived, it was not a practice of the Hungary-based companies and brands to show up at Pride marches to publicly support the LGBTQ community. Only two of our founding companies attended the marches in the past, so after WeAreOpen was established, in 2013, for the first time ever, we attended the Pride march with a joint WeAreOpen float along with our founding members and the companies who joined WeAreOpen. Already in the first year, we could contribute to a large positive change: the number of attendees of the march grew from 2-3k people up to 10k, according to the organizers of the Pride march. Of course, it didn’t only happen because of the companies who marched with us, but we were happy to see how we could contribute to making the idea of marching accessible to many more people, by being safe, by showing support together. In the past few years, with WeAreOpen, hundreds of businesses, including business leaders, and 2-3 thousand of their colleagues marched together to support their LGBTQ+ friends and co-workers and lead by example. 

Pride 2013

Founded by Prezi, espell and Google, the first ever WeAreOpen joint float took over Pride!

Pride 2015

100+ companies and organizations joined WeAreOpen to showcase openness at Pride

Pride 2017

100+ CEOs and 1000+ of their coworkers join the WeAreOpen float at Pride

Pride 2019

For the first time, the WeAreOpen float drove around the city spreading the message of openness

In 2019 the WeAreOpen van left the Pride march to spread our message on the importance of openness and LGBTQ+ inclusion driving around the busy streets of Budapest, while the people who joined us continued to walk at the official Budapest Pride route.

Some videos from our Companies to Pride march over the years.

Pride 2013

Pride 2014

Pride 2015

Pride 2017

100 Business Leaders to Pride

In July 2019, together with the WeAreOpen community and Forbes magazine, we took a historic step. We brought together 100+ business leaders, whose  joint statement and signatures Forbes magazine published on a double-page right before the march. Never before have so many business leaders officially featured in a print magazine showing support for LGBTQ+ inclusion in Hungary. The joint statement declared that they believe in the values of diversity and inclusion, therefore they will be marching at Budapest Pride to showcase their support for LGBTQ+ people. Please meet the business leaders who joined our “Business Leaders to Pride” online campaign giving their faces, photos to their statement on our website.


Please meet the people of the hour: the 100 business leaders who participated in the Forbes Campaign, and their commitment which appeared in the 2019 July issue of Forbes Hungary. 


In 2018, over 100 business leaders and more than 2000 of their colleagues marched with WeAreOpen at Budapest Pride.


In 2017, we launched the 100+ Business Leaders To Pride campaign.


In July 2019 WeAreOpen launched the #DressCodeChallenge during Pride week to raise awareness to LGBTQ+ inclusion and showcase support and acceptance. Dozens of well-respected Hungarian public figures, social influencers, artists, company teams and individuals participated in the #DressCodeChallenge by wearing rainbow print t-shirts or Pride flags on their social media platforms. The challenge went viral soon and was a smashing success on social media with over 30,000 engagement in just two weeks, while many media, TV and news outlets were flooded with rainbow covered images from our campaign.

LGBTQ Love Songs

4 musicians’ re-written same-sex love songs went on air online and in radio

Valentine’s Day, 2015: Love is love, and it’s in the air! In 2015, on Valentine’s Day we launched a campaign to raise awareness towards LGBTQ representation in pop culture and beyond. We asked some of the most popular Hungarian musicians to perform their hit love songs, but change the lyrics to represent same sex couples where a girl is longing after a girl and a boy after a boy. Watch the campaign videos!

Campaign Video: Everyone can love!

Kistehén: Szerelmes vagyok

PA-DÖ-DŐ – Szabó Klára

The Biebers – Sorry

For Openness

We’re always trying to share our message on openness with the business community as well as the public. Often, the Open Community joins us in spreading this message. Celebrate the world’s diversity with us – let your voice be heard and stand up for openness – We’re Open. Let’s inspire and be inspired, together!

Hear how people and organizations showed their openness and support towards people with disabilities and from a Roma background, amongst others.

Standing for Openness

80 videos in two weeks sharing stories that proved, “Being open is a good thing. Don’t succumb to prejudice”

“It is worth it to be open, don’t listen to prejudices,” dozens of influencers, artists, and business leaders told in YouTube video messages. We called on the Open Community and others to celebrate the world’s diversity with us – by standing up for openness and letting their voice be heard.

We launched a public video campaign to spread openness. We hoped the videos would reach people who may be feeling alone or anxious, who perhaps have the greatest need of messages of acceptance. We asked public figures, musicians, actors, journalists, teachers, bloggers, athletes and many others to share a story from their life that proved to them: “Being open is a good thing. Don’t succumb to prejudice.”  By sharing their own experiences in these video messages, they took a stand against prejudice, including towards Roma people, homosexuals, Jews and people with disabilities. 

The campaign received over 80 videos in two weeks, passing 200,000 views! Check out the videos and the special messages shared!

D. Tóth Krisztina

Bombera Krisztina

Mautner Zsófi

Gerendai Károly

For People with Disabilities

WeAreOpen shares the belief, we’re all able, in different ways. With our campaigns for disability inclusion, we strive to create awareness on providing opportunities to people with disabilities and how we can support them.

WeAreOpen goes to Rehab Critical Mass

Hundreds of colleagues from global and local brands joined Rehab Critical Mass with WeAreOpen.

In 2015, for the first time, members of the Open Community, both international companies as well as Hungarian businesses, joined WeAreOpen and took part in the Rehab Critical Mass march. The tradition we continued in 2016 as well. Together, we demonstrated our support and raised awareness to the fact that “we’re all able in different ways”. By doing so we hoped to inspire others too.