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Our Mission

WeAreOpen’s mission is to show millions of people that openness is a value for organizations. We help businesses and employees experience, learn and demonstrate the benefits of inclusion.

It does so through building the community of openness-promoting businesses and employees, offering services and insights, and creating campaigns with a coalition of businesses to show to millions that it is worth to be open.

The initiative was founded in 2013 by Prezi, espell, and Google with the idea to show that being open is not only the right thing to do, but it is necessary for businesses to succeed, and it makes people feel safe and happy at their workplace. WeAreOpen grew from a volunteer project to an emerging nonprofit social enterprise that works together with its 1,000+ member companies and organizations, with influencers, and local and international business leaders, experts, and academics to create a positive impact for current and future employees in Hungary and beyond.

WeAreOpen Manifesto​

Being open is a good thing. As open companies, we regard it as a fundamental corporate value that our employees and our partners are judged solely on the basis of their actions and their work performance, and without regard for their sex, age, sexual orientation, national or ethnic background, political convictions, physical abilities, or other characteristics. Our openness – to new ideas, innovative solutions, to one another and to the world – is one of the keys to our success. We know that there are lots of you out there who share our values. (WeAreOpen) has been created for those companies, organisations and communities that would like to join us in a commitment to openness and to inspire others to do the same.


Principal Sponsor

Our Work Includes


The Supporting Circle comprises of companies that would like to take a step further and be part of a real-life, openness-promoting community. Their contribution helps WeAreOpen in fulfilling its mission. Members of the Circle gather regularly at the OPEN Backstage events and leverage the tools that WeAreOpen offers to the Circle to build a more open workplace. Become a diversity champion, show your openness and help inspire others! You can see the current members of the Supporting Circle here.


OPEN is the premier international diversity conference in Central and Eastern Europe for CEOs and HR, diversity, marketing, and communications decision makers, as well as representatives of employee resource groups. Designed for business leaders, while laying out the business case, it deals with diversity as a whole and talks about it from a business point of view.

Featuring speakers from around the world, panel discussions and workshops, OPEN is an annual forum for current and future diversity champions to meet, learn and share.


WeAreOpen offers presentations and workshops about a wide variety of Diversity and Inclusion content. We happily offer the expertise of the WeAreOpen team and can give you access to a pool of speakers who may have only limited availability otherwise.


OPEN Backstage is a social and cultural event series that aims to bring together the pillar community behind WeAreOpen – its Supporting Circle and most active members.

The circle meets once a month to get inspired and discuss current matters of diversity and inclusion in an intimate setting. Topics cover gender equality, inclusion of people with disabilities, the LGBTQ community as well as Roma people. Events include talks, screenings, performances, and other fascinating happenings that are in line with the basic values of openness.


We believe, and data shows that gender equality at the workplace has benefits for everyone. Relying on discussion and data, Two Steps aims to show the benefits of gender equality to the public, encouraging dialogue between women and men.

With our Two Steps for Companies program, we offer organizations tools that can help them adopt a data driven approach to creating a more gender equal workspace. We have also created a data-driven Certificate program to recognize the employers’ achievements.


From the first year of WeAreOpen, we ‘ve been bring companies to Pride because we believe that by being there, they can send an important message about LGBTQ inclusion and openness to their current and future employees. In the last two years, over 100 business leaders have joined WeAreOpen at Pride, together with more than 2,000 of their colleagues.

In the week before Pride, we also announce the #happyprideweek – a rainbow coloring campaign.

Visit our Campaigns page to know more, or register below to participate!

WeAreOpen Calendar

APRIL 30OPEN Backstage: S01E02: Hidden Stories?PICTURES & MORE
JUNE 12OPEN Backstage: S01E03: Where’s the woman’s place? Women in Pop Culture Pictures & more
JULY 2OPEN Backstage: S01E04: Pre-Pride with WeAreOpenPictures & more
JULY 6Pride: Companies to Pride & 100+ Business leaders  to PridePictures
JULY 31OPEN Backstage: S01E05: Inclusion of people with disabilitiesAdd to your calendar
AUGUST 8OPEN Backstage: S01E06: Executive Forum & SzigetAdd to your calendar
SEPTEMBEROPEN Backstage: S01E07: Roma InclusionDetails TBC
OCTOBEROPEN Backstage: S01E08: Details TBCDetails TBC
NOVEMBER 6 & 7OPEN Conference: The International Diversity Conference for business leadersAdd to your calendar