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Our Mission

WeAreOpen’s mission is to show millions of people that openness is a value for organizations. We help businesses and employees experience, learn and demonstrate the benefits of inclusion. Our approach is building an openness-promoting community of businesses and professionals; offering services and insights; and creating campaigns with a coalition of businesses to show to millions that being open is not just the right thing to do but also makes business sense. 

Prezi, espell, and Google founded WeAreOpen with the idea of openness as a value for organizations: 

“We founded the WeAreOpen initiative in the summer of 2013 because we are convinced that being open, judging everyone solely on the basis of their achievements and actions, is not only the right thing to do, but experience indicates that it makes business sense and makes people happier at their workplace. We know that many people in Hungary share our values, and we believe that it’s important to make this public. The WeAreOpen initiative, along with its webpage, has been created for companies, organizations and communities that would like to join us in expressing a commitment to openness and inspire others to do the same.
All companies, organizations and communities who agree with the goals of the “WeAreOpen” initiative and want to make that publicly known are welcome to join the WeAreOpen initiative.” 

Since then, WeAreOpen has grown from a volunteer project to an emerging nonprofit social enterprise that works with its 1,000+ member companies and organizations, with local and international business leaders and experts to showcase the benefits of inclusion.


Principal Sponsor

WeAreOpen Manifesto​

Being open is a good thing. As open companies, we regard it as a fundamental corporate value that our employees and our partners are judged solely on the basis of their actions and their work performance, and without regard for their sex, age, sexual orientation, national or ethnic background, political convictions, physical abilities, or other characteristics.

Our openness – to new ideas, innovative solutions, to one another and to the world – is one of the keys to our success.

We know that there are lots of you out there who share our values. (WeAreOpen) has been created for those companies, organisations and communities that would like to join us in a commitment to openness and to inspire others to do the same.


Recent Highlights


The Supporting Circle includes companies that want to be part of a real-life, openness-promoting community and contribute to our mission. Members of the Circle get access to OPEN Backstage events and can leverage the tools we offer to build a more open workplace.

Step into the Circle, show your openness, and help inspire others! Meet the Circle!


OPEN is the leading international diversity conference and meeting point for business leaders in Central and Eastern Europe. OPEN Conference is more than just a conference: it’s a real-life community of business leaders and experts from all over Europe who are determined to act on diversity and inclusion and trigger positive change on a large scale.

In 2019, we introduced the OPEN Spotlight Award to honor companies and organizations committed to diversity and inclusion, and inspire others to tell their stories. Share their outstanding accomplishments worthy of the spotlight!


WeAreOpen offers a wide variety of presentations and workshops on diversity and inclusion topics.

We happily offer the expertise of the WeAreOpen team and can give you access to a pool of speakers who may have only limited availability otherwise.


Where arts & culture meets a real-life community: OPEN Backstage was launched in 2019 as an exclusive event series that aims to bring together the pillars of WeAreOpen – its Supporting Circle and partners.

The circle comes together regularly to enjoy spectacular performances, inspiring presentations  and thought-provoking talks that spark meaningful conversations around diversity and inclusion.

for gender equality

To succeed we must keep moving forward: walk the talk towards gender equality! Backed by science, proved by experience: gender equality at the workplace has benefits for everyone. After several gender equality research and campaigns over the course of the years, in 2018 we launched something new, a long term campaign and service, Two Steps, to take a step forward in building a gender balanced workplace for all. 

With our Two Steps for Companies program, we offer organizations tools that can help them adopt a data-driven approach to creating a more gender balanced workplace and a data-driven Certificate program to recognize the employers’ achievements.

In our Two Steps Campaigns with the help of influencers and business leaders we show millions the benefits of gender equality for all. In 2019 we launched the ‘Common Interest’ gender equality campaign in partnership with ELLE Hungary to promote equal opportunities for women and men at the workplace.


Before WeAreOpen was founded, companies and brands based in Hungary rarely showed public support for the LGBTQ community or went to Pride marches. We had a vision: in 2013 for the first time ever WeAreOpen took its supporters to Budapest Pride with a joint float. In the following years we turned that vision into a specific goal: to bring more than 100 business leaders to Pride, lead by example and support LGBTQ+ people, colleagues and friends. In the past 2 years we have accomplished what seemed to be a daring dream: we brought together 100+ business leaders and 2000+ of their co-workers to march with us at Pride. 

In 2019, for the first time in Hungary the joint statement of business leaders was featured in the print issue of Forbes Hungary saying they’ll join us at Budapest Pride in support of LGBTQ+ people. 

During Pride Month we launched a series of activities, public campaigns and influencer actions through which we were able to reach millions of people with our message of LGBTQ+ inclusion and openness.

Visit our Campaigns page to learn more.

WeAreOpen Calendar

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